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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Product Review: Banana Nut VitaTops

Slightly crunchy and carmelized if it features a sugar or streusel over it, the top of the muffin is better than the rest of the muffin, which just crumbles merrily all over my clothing!

I've always thought Panera made the best muffin top, but hadn't really given any competitor a chance until now. I found one in the natural foods frozen section that runs a close second to their tasty muffin tops. The banana nut muffin VitaTops are darned delicious; they also have five grams of fiber.

I've heard other Weight Watcher members rave about various kinds of VitaTops for years, and never picked a package up until this week. They were on sale at Kroger for $3.99 (4 muffin tops per package), which is the best price I've seen in a grocery store. I grabbed the second-to-last package in the freezer.

Use the defrost function on your microwave to heat the VitaTop until the frost is removed and it is slightly heated (times will vary). I haven't tried the VitaTop Deep Chocolate flavor yet, but I hope to find it on sale soon in a store near me.

100 Calories                                     
2 g fat                                               
0 g saturated fat                               
0 g trans fat                                      
0 mg cholesterol                               
5 g protein   
120 mg sodium
50 mg potassium
19 g total carbohydrate
5 g dietary fiber
3 g sugars
4 g sugar alcohol                                     

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