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Friday, September 2, 2011

Waffle House Serves As Disaster Index of Sorts

I seriously chuckled a few minutes ago when reading a Huff Post Food piece. 

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) agents can tell how bad a disaster is by what the local Waffle House is serving. It's called the "Waffle House Index." Seriously. 

Quote from the article: "Waffle House's tenacity and preparedness are so watertight that FEMA Director Craig Fugate has joked that he watches a "Waffle House Index" of disaster magnitude. He can tell how bad a disaster's been by how much of its menu Waffle House is serving." It's even been studied and verified by Washington University Business professor Panos Kouvelis.

Check out the article. I'm still somewhat amazed and highly amused. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You're Kidding, Right?

I just pinched myself when I saw the email about half an hour ago.

First, I thought they had to be kidding. Then I made sure it was a legitimate website before I went to a link on it (yes, I'm a trifle paranoid about unknown links in emails). Too bad. Deal with it.

But apparently I do have one of the top 100 healthy recipe blogs of 2011, as least as determined by healthcarecolleges.net. Wow.

There's now a pretty little logo I'm entitled to use on my website due to receiving this award. Still a bit stunned here. Any time that I'm at a loss for words is worth noting; just ask my friends! OK, I've recovered from my state of speechlessness now, and I'd like to thank the academy. Whoops, wrong award.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vive La Difference: Perfect Ribs Made with Custom Equipment

My most recent column in Brighton Patch featured ribs by Tom Coates. (I nearly put a capital R on them because they're so well thought of in the community; see some of the comments people have made on his grill website).

Tom is what some might call an extreme griller; an architect for 25 years, he decided to make his own artisan-style grill, which is a kind of hybridization of a wood-burning oven and a grill. His goal was to replicate the kind of food his father and grandfather, who were both accomplished at cooking over an open fire, used to make.

I think he's exceeded expectations. Tom also has started his own business making these grills; upon seeing it up close at work, I can tell it's a well-made grill that gets splendid results. He has a number of testimonials  -- and the evidence of my eyes and nose -- to prove it.

I wish I could convey the ribs' look and smell ... it was fabulous. His other recipes on the website sound great, too. But smell-o-blogs, like "smell-o-vision" that Rachael Ray wishes she could invent, don't exist. Yet. I keep hoping it'll happen someday!

Tom provided me with the photo of the finished product, which looks fabulous! He says using his grill with charcoal and various kinds of wood truly brings out the flavor of the meat, which you can eat with various dipping sauces.

Unfortunately, I had to leave before they were done, but I want to try his ribs when he does another grilling and sampling session at either Leaf, Barley and Vine or The Wooden Spoon (both located in Brighton, Michigan) I plan to attend!