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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Granola Bars & colas

Two things you will find around me are granola bars as well as pop made without corn syrup; below you'll find my favorites.

Nature Valley Honey & Oats Granola Bars

This old-fashioned treat still gets high ratings as far as I’m concerned. (Think 70s hippies and school kids’ lunches back when your best friend had a Wonder Woman lunchbox; one of my friends, Rebecca, may still have one.) Well, back to the granola bar. It’s portable, crunchy with just a taste of sweetness. It also doesn’t include high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), unlike a number of “healthy” granola bars (particularly the chewy ones). I think a pretty strong case has been made several times that HFCS is not the best sweetener, because it’s in so many processed foods including … soup? The logic there completely escapes me.

Were I to send a note to every food manufacturer, it would simply be this: I don’t want corn syrup in my food! Pepsi is OK, but I prefer Pepsi Throwback cola, which (sigh) is supposed to only be made through this year. All you Pepsi lovers: let’s buy this product instead of regular Pepsi. Maybe then the formula will change to eliminate high-fructose corn syrup. I’m trying to do my part, but just can’t drink cola more than twice a week. If Pepsi Throwback is discontinued at the end of this year, I will choose either Diet Rite Cherry Cola (which uses Splenda®) or one of the Zevia™ colas (made with stevia, a healthier option than other non-calorie sweeteners).


  1. Anne, if you drink Coke at all, sometimes they make it with sugar and not corn syrup. Either the stuff Jews can drink during Passover, or made in Mexico or Canada.