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Friday, August 1, 2014

Where in the world is Anne? And here's some gluten-free news to chew on

"Where is the world is Anne?" you might ask. "She hasn't posted since April." 

Ahem. Shameless plug incoming (and you can't say you had no warning, either). 

Since my last post, I have published a book of poetry, Reflections, which encompasses more than 30 years of my poetry, with amazing illustrations and cover art by Sarah J. Waldock, who is an author in her own right. 

My book can be found here on Amazon.com. And here on CreateSpace. Check it out.

And now, for some gluten-free news to chew on. Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun.

Now this news doesn't affect my home state of Michigan, sadly, but is cool to know for travel purposes. According to an article in Supermarket News, Wegmans now offers sushi made without gluten, including gluten-free soy sauce Kikkomans formulated especially for the supermarket chain. 

A later version of the story indicated that the sushi is not labeled as
gluten-free, because of the possible change of cross-contamination. 

I believe Wegmans is covering its corporate bottom with careful language. 

Still, making that change definitely is a step in the right direction, and good for those who have not been diagnosed with celiac disease but avoid gluten for other reasons. 

I'd like to hear my readers' opinions on Wegmans' actions: good move, or "close but no cigar?"