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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It's a new year, bring on the resolutions

It's Jan. 7, and really, I haven't made a New Year's resolution. Not a measurable, specific one. 

Resolution #1 
Be healthier. 

Of course, I want to eat a more healthy diet and exercise more often. What that will look like has yet to be quantified, but I joined a challenge/accountability group that starts Jan. 12 and should help with the measurable part. I'll get some help setting those goals. I have a guide, a friend who's done this before. She is co-leader of the group. And I will be exercising as recommended, to the best of my ability. I expect that will be kind of painful, as I haven't done much this past month in the way of exercise. Bring it on.

Resolution #2 
Be more accountable in my writing. 

There are two ways I hope to do this. 

  • Actually participate in the Spreadsheet of Magic & Wonder, a way to track your writing in a friendly "competition" with other writers ... and log the words as I go. (Well, after I catch up.) 
  • Write at least one blog post a week. It's Dec. 7 and in typical procrastinating fashion, I just realized I nearly blew it the first week, when I read two food-related articles I found absolutely fascinating. 

I won't bother to introduce either in great detail. 

Just please tell me what you think of this post from Mother Jones by Tom Philpott about how he came to change his viewpoint of fake meat. 

The other article, which is somewhat on the same topic, discusses that "The Herbivorous Butcher surpassed its Kickstarter goal and will soon be selling faux meat in the Twin Cities." What do you think? Again, let me know.

Some might ask, "Isn't The Herbivorous Butcher an oxymoron?" 

Not exactly. 

More and more people are eating faux meats and cheese in hopes of having something like their standard fare for health reason, like President Bill Clinton, who used to love fast food, but went on a vegan diet some time ago. Truly, the only thing I found surprising about it was the location.

Having options is a good thing. Try something new. You might like it. 

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