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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kudos to Whole Foods

 I was working out of town and staying at a friend's house. I did not have the constant Internet access I'm used to, and, unfortunately, the blog got short shrift. But I'm back!

And now for some news!

According to Enrivonmental Working Group (EWG), Whole Foods Market is the first national grocery chain that will require all genetically-engineered foods on its shelves to be labeled by 2018! Yes, even if only one ingredient in it is genetically engineered, it has to be listed. It's a great decision and I'm happy Whole Foods Market is taking action. I just wonder why the goal is five years from now. What do you think?


  1. Possibly to allow the makers of the food to figure out what is, and what is not GM food? the food industry seems pretty gormless about what is in its products.
    Labelling is very important to give people choices. Here in the UK where we have had a big horsemeat sold as beef scandal almost everyone I've spoken to has said that it's not eating horse they mind, but not being told.

  2. Sarah, sorry I didn't see this before (though I think we talked about it elsewhere). Yes, in some cultures, horsemeat is considered just fine. I agree it's the not being told that is the main issue. (Though knowing people who breed and raise horses makes it seem more again to eating a pet, which bothers me.