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Monday, September 3, 2012

Gluten-Free Me, and 'Wheat Belly' Review

Everywhere I look or listen lately, there is someone, somewhere, who's going gluten-free. Celebrities and regular people alike, including the nice lady I met last year at Big Lots who works at the local YMCA.

My doctor and I discussed the idea due to my (rather vicious) allergies. They're at their peak now, when the goldenrod is in bloom (darned plants). She thinks it might help and I decided to give it a shot for three weeks.

Starting tomorrow, I am embarking upon "the great gluten-free experiment." As I have done extensive research and recipe trolling, I more or less know what I can eat.

I've also read Wheat Belly, by William Davis, M.D. which is a very scary read in some respects. But it also gives hope that people who do get the uber-processed wheat out of their systems, wheat that doesn't even resemble that of 50 years ago, will regain their health. 

The book goes into very technical (and exhaustive) detail that means you'll really have to focus, particularly if you haven't taken science in 25 or more years. If you can wade through it, though, you see the point. Dr. Davis has
used this plan with significant success to better the lives of his patients.

I don't agree with everything in it (for example, suggesting it's best to have no bacon at all), but, for someone struggling with either metabolic syndrome, a pre-diabetic condition or diabetes, it might just be what the doctor ordered. It can be purchased through Amazon or Barnes and Noble, as either a print or e-book.

If you know of a great gluten-free recipe you'd like me to try, please post it (or its URL) below.  I'm going to try and report on at least one recipe a week while I'm checking this out.

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